Pro Life Is Pro Choice Essay

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Certain people may be pro-choice because they are not given the big picture about what is going to happen to the unborn baby, they may in fact have their innocence taken advantage of, simply because they were not fully informed. There are two main sides to this issue, and that is either the pro-choice side, or the pro-life side. Pro-life is the idea and belief that no matter what development stage a baby is in, it should be allowed to live, whereas pro-choice means that aborting a baby is alright for people to do. After examining the following evidence people may see that pro-life is a better option to pro-choice.
The following articles will prove how some people choose to be pro-choice because they don’t even want to listen to the other side, and when morality is brought into the argument, pro-life seems to be the more appealing selection. Some of the following evidence will also talk about women should have the right to choose what they want to do with their own body, and how people could have their innocence taken advantage of by other people who think that aborting babies is a better life decision. Examining these different issues may broaden some people’s minds to decide that pro-life is a better alternative to pro-choice. In the article, Abortion: Evidence of an issue evolution, it talks about how people don’t want to change their minds about this particular issue. “Unlike other issues, opinions on abortion are not particularly sensitive to new information or…

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