Preventing Parent Involvement : A Challenge For Administrators And Teachers

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Increasing parent participation in high poverty, rural school districts is a challenge for administrators and teachers. During the interview process, administrators, teachers, and parents recognize and understand that multiple barriers exist which hinder or prevent parent involvement of parents in the education of their children. The most prevalent barriers in the district established by the interview participants include psychological, cultural, educational, and work barriers. Each barrier presents its own challenge to the district, therefore parent involvement is minimized and ultimately affects academic achievement. Psychological barriers. Barriers inhibiting parent involvement are created by parents because of their feelings of inadequacy, failures and negative experiences in school, low self-esteem, fear and intimidation, and low levels of education attainment. During the interview process, participants mentioned the word intimidation -----times when discussing psychological barriers. Parent involvement is often stifled due to intimidation as a result of low educational attainment and lack of understanding the curriculum on the part of the parent or guardian. Ninth grade grandparent and guardian DH spoke of being fearful of speaking out on issues at school and stated “If parents/guardians speak out, it (retaliation) will fall back on their child.” Another ninth grade parent MW discussed a psychological barrier preventing her involvement and stated “The teachers and…

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