Plot Synopsis : A Grandfather Living On A Small Mars Colony Essay

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Plot Synopsis: A grandfather living on a small Mars colony will begin the story by telling his kids about how he was one of the first astronauts to begin colonizing Mars. In his story, he will talk about how they survived the journey over, how their rocket worked, the specific flight path, and other particulars related to their mission. The flight and landing will introduce conflict in the form of technical glitches or psychological issues. The denouement will end the story with a successful landing.

The central topic of my scifi story will be the epic struggle in making a yearlong travel from Earth to the inhospitable world of Mars. One of the main contentions in making the journey to Mars, completely ignoring the viability of living there, is how to sustain small populations of humans along the way. {Something about Apollo Life Support Systems}. Unlike the Apollo mission, which only needed to keep the astronauts in a state of semi-well being for a few weeks, the astronauts who join missions to mars and beyond will be on those ships for about a year or more based on current rocket capabilities [6]. Rockets like the MarsOne are trying to bring along all their materials with them, but this strategy requires exorbitant amounts of fuel and does not account for many external factors [6].

Assuming we want to conserve as much water and air as possible, it is likely that deep space vehicles will have to employ systems to recycle water and oxygen similar to the International…

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