Personal Values Of Life Differently Essay

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Individuals characterize the personal values of life differently. Every person brings something different to the table each has their own opinion. Life for everyone is valued differently; to me family is the core to life. Having loyalty from people around me is vital to trust and respect each other. Being financially stable is pair amount. In order to also give and help others with a good heart; having and doing such things helps me to be more grounded and will help me to be successful in life.

I am an individual who loves to shop and eat. I wish to further my education in the healthcare filed by perhaps being a pediatrician, because I love children, Gynecology focus in obstetrics, because I love babies, or and anesthesiologist because they make a lucrative salary.

An imperative part of my life is my family. The reason they are such an important part of my life is because they’ve instilled love, morals, values and standards that have made me a stronger and better person. They are my backbone, without their support, love and help I don’t know where I would be. My family motivates me to become a better person and to be generous, loving and helpful towards others.

Growing up I never realized how much “loyalty” meant to me until now. To me loyalty is always being there for someone, being consistent, giving your all or nothing at all or at least working on it. Loyalty is hard to find in people today. It seems that not many people have that quality in them nowadays. I believe…

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