Essay about Personal Statement On Student Activities

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1. What are some of your hobbies and special interests? What is it about theses activities that keep you interested? How might your participation in these activities influence your teaching?
I enjoy hiking, exercising, enjoying some good company with my friends, participating in my sorority, being around animals and creative. I am interested in these activities because they bring me joy. These are things that I am able to release my stress for the week and discover new things about myself through. My involvement in my sorority will definitely reflect in my teaching. Since our motto is “promote the highest type of womanhood” I will definitely be involved in programs that will encourage girls to seek the most out of their education opportunity. I will try and include activities that do not build only strong girls but also boys. My classroom will be an area of building yourself up and the others around you. I hope to help develop resilient students that will help them succeed for the rest of their life.
Also, I plan on using my love for animals in my lesson plans. I hope I find ways to incorporate movement into learning so that the children get their endorphins flowing. I think a lot of the time students get drained from sitting at a desk for so long that it will be helpful to get up every now and then and do something that requires you to wake up and regenerate. I will use my craft skills to decorate my classroom in a way that it excites students to come learn. I also will…

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