Essay on Personal Narrative : My Life And Her Life

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Lila. She lived in an enormous palace with her parents who were very strict. In her world, the day after you turn eighteen, you get married to a man of your parents choice. Lila’s seventeenth birthday is today, and her life is about to be changed forever. It is the day of the choosing. She woke up and walked downstairs, as she continued towards the kitchen she felt the smell of eggs tickle her nose and could hear the sizzling of bacon. She began to wonder how life could get any better, until she realized today was the choosing day. She was in love with Luke. He was tall, muscular with soul seeking eyes, and a heart of gold. Some of the other men her mother and father had in mind were very handsome but very stuck up and wealthy. William was one of them. He came from a family of kings and queens so of course, this attracted her parents. Henry was also on the top of the list. He was a very wealthy farmer who worked for their parents. As Lila sat and tried to enjoy her breakfast, she couldn’t stand it and decided to meander down towards the west castle where the interviews were being held. She knew her parents loved Luke, but she was worried that they had someone wealthier in mind.
Once she was to the castle she saw her mother leaving the castle with tears in her eyes. “Mother, what’s wrong?” she said.
“Only that you are growing up, darling,” Mother sniffled.
“Oh mother, I’m only getting married! We still have a year…

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