Parental Involvement Is The Most Important Components Of Life

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Education is the most important components in life. Our whole childhood is basically spent in school. From age five to about seventeen or eighteen we sit in a class room for nine months each year. But how many people can say that throughout the twelve to thirteen years of school their parents were involved every step of the way? Parental involvement in a child’s education offers more than increased motivation about academics but a chance to spend time more time with your child as well, but there is also a downside to parental involvement. Let’s take a look at what parental involvement really means. According to Milwaukee Public Schools, “Parent Involvement is the participation of parents in school activities. It is the commitment of time, energy, and good will to promote success for students” (Milwaukee Public Schools). Parental involvement goes beyond the four walls of school, it really starts at home. and a lot of parents aren’t doing what they need to do. For instance, stressing the benefits of obtaining an education, helping with homework, and also teaching your children at home before they even get to school. Just sitting down and reading a book with your child can be considered parental involvement. Doing anything that makes your child think on an academic level is a way of being involved. Enterprise schools says “The earlier in a child’s educational process parent involvement begins, the more powerful the effect” (Enterprise School District). I know when I was in…

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