Essay about Packing For Mars By Mary Roach

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Throughout the book, Packing for Mars by Mary Roach, 5 excerpts gave me a good sense as to why the details discussed in the book are relevant. The quote “The Alarming Prospect of Life without Gravity’’ is an excerpt I felt developed the story. This book is about a writer talking about the effect a trip to Mars or even colonization for humans will be in the future. To think about this I feel one must ask is how life with gravity is and what effect it will have on me. The simple answer to this is only the future can tell, but the future is now. The writer states that with all the things happening in NASA this trip could be faster than you think. This statement is important because it could also find the problems with a long space trip and future colonization. The statement The Alarming Prospect of Life without Gravity was only introduced in the book to gather the readers though, and too have questions answered later in the book. This sentence helped the reader forward because late in the book the writer explained the facts about psychological hardships spacemen have to face such as the Earth rise down too quickly, which makes you feel that you are falling with no ground to hit or the fact that you are living from one environment which you are accustomed to in all your life to an unknown environment. Since this book is one of scientific exploring into the future, it is more of a study into topics we humans have to overcome if we want to master space travel. Gravity is one…

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