Nora 's Effect On Life Essay

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Nora was a solid student with aspirations for herself, she lived outside little bow south Dakota with her father; her mother died in a car accident when she was a child however she often wondered if it had been a suicide. At the age of sixteen she became pregnant and desperately unhappy, she tried to commit suicide once before when she cut her wrists in the shower, however, that time she could not follow through and asked for help. It was the second time that brought Nora to her death, a death that if rewound a few decades began with a chain of events derived from her pregnancy. which was a turning point in her life that like in a u- turn tossed her in the wrong direction. Nora could never forget the traumatic months in the Mrs. Glass house, and she could never forgive herself for the mistakes made, for giving away her child, for wasting the opportunity for a better life which if forwarded a few decades lead to her death. Nora describes the Mrs. Glass house as not quite a prison not quite a hospital (28). It was a place full of rules, the girls can’t talk to each other about anything personal, their real names, their home towns or the babies’ fathers “this is not a sorority Mrs. Bibb tells them, let’s keep our socializing to a minimum” (Chaon 29). Which put Nora in an isolated position as opposed to if she had had someone to talk to about the situation she was going through. Yet at the same time she had no privacy “You cannot lock the door to your room in…

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