Nasa And The New Mars Exploration Essay examples

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NASA has recently started to hire astronauts for their next space mission, “Mars 2030”. Is it wise to invest money and resources into deep space exploration? According to an online poll on, seventy-six percent Americans think that the government should invest in the new Mars exploration. With such a high positive response, there is greater optimism about the space race.
We know that space flight is both expensive and risky. From an economical perspective, it is always beneficial to look for a higher utility within the budget constraint. I am certain that the new Mars mission will drive advancement in science and technology to boost knowledge, innovation, and stewardship of understanding the unknown.
However, scarcity of resources and funds often alter such innovative plans. For example, Constellation was first introduced by a Bush Administration programs for a return to the Moon by 2020. In 2009, an expert review panel judged it as inadequately funded and unrealistic. Exhausting the U.S. economy to win the space race is irrational.
Referring to the 19th century, space exploration began as a proxy rivalry during the cold war. By landing on the moon in 1969, the United States effectively “won” the space race that had begun with Sputnik’s launch in 1957. Ever since, the Americans continued to win the space race.
This “competition” had originated people to explore the space to gain an “outer world” experience to collect data that is impossible to get from a ground…

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