My Memories Of My Life Essay example

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Much like every kid, I grew up learning how to count to ten, tie my shoes, and ride a bicycle. Little did I know that the patience and persistence it took to accomplish these things would help me do so many things in life when I got older. I learned at a very young age that things happen that make no sense at times and some still seem unclear. A few events in my life have made me who I am and shaped my identity into what it is. It was a normal day in fourth grade that quickly turned into a nightmare. I had gotten off the bus, ran into the house, as I usually did. However, this time when I searched for my mother’s happy face, I only came to find a face of worry and fright. She told me she would be going to Winston-Salem. My dad was hurt and she did not know if he was going to be all right. It was then that my mother told me that my six month-old brother and I would be staying back with her sister and her son, while she went to my dad. Luckily, my aunt came and lived at my house while my mother was gone. Living with my aunt was a major change; this is when I became much closer to my little brother. I took care of him as much as a 9 year-old could. There were many nights I didn’t sleep because of missing my parents so badly; this taught me to be brave. My mother eventually came back to get my brother and I. It seemed like months later. However, looking back now it wasn’t nearly that long. My dad was doing telephone work in Winston-Salem; he had climbed to the top of a light…

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