My Life With My Mom Essay

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If there is one thing in every kid’s childhood that makes them who they are and helps shape them as they grow, its family. I come from two military parents who have been in service all my life growing up. My mom is an ICU nurse holding the rank as a captain and my dad was a warrant officer who worked on electronics before he retired. Moving around every two years came with the price of them being in the army, but because of that I was introduced to many different cultures and lifestyles in which a few still stick with me today .
We moved to washing the summer before sixth grade year for me and my first year was a breeze, I absolutely loved it. I had a new group of friends, my grades were good, school was great, and my life seemed so perfect and flawless. Until came the new year of 7th grade, that summer my mom left for her first deployment to Iraq where she was ordered to be gone for a year. Not my first time living without my mom but it was a totally different situation…she was gone at war. Talking to her was limited, she wasn’t at my first cheer competition, or basketball games. She was nowhere. While she was gone on deployment after only 6 weeks I noticed a huge change in my dad’s behavior, and come to find out he was cheating on my mom. Leaving us at home after we had gone to bed all hours of the night, always had his face glued to his phone, he was so secretive about everything. No way was I going tell my mom, she was in a war zone that was the last thing she needed.…

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