My Life Of The World Essay

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Imagine your childhood and most your adulthood having no one who cares about you, or feeling like you have no one to relate to. Unfortunately this how Steve in A Chance in the World felt throughout a big portion of his life. Before deciding on which book I was going to read for this project, I decided to do a little bit more research on each, rather then just looking at the back of the book. I finally decided on A Chance in the World, because I felt like this book would teach me a lot about the hardships children like Steve face, and hopefully a way to handle situations like this if they pop up in my future career. A Chance in the World displays the courage and strength a young child has to rise up and succeed, when for most of his life the world had been pushing him down. Moving on, I felt like this book brought out many emotions while reading it. For instance, there would be parts where it almost broke your heart but a little later it would have you feeling excited and happy. There was a lot of tension throughout the book as well. Like when Steve had had enough and was going to get himself out of the Robinson house right away. During that scene it kept you on edge, wondering if Willie Robinson was going to show up on the street anytime and drag Steve back into that nightmarish house. One part that stood out to me most was a simple chapter within the book. It was where Steve had ridden his bike to the ocean and was enjoying the view. I thought it did a great job of…

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