Essay about My Life Of Becoming A Writer

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The man in the mirror, I see today is not the same person I saw on graduation day because now I’m not afraid to pursue my dream. A mixture of emotions going through my body is unprecedented and most likely I won 't feel this proud of myself again. As no family member that preceded me, received a high school diploma and I was determined to be the first one. Not letting my father down was the biggest motivator for me to try to succeed throughout high school but once it was all over life seemed complacent. Being fearful of trying to flourish in college is common, nevertheless without going through college most of us wouldn’t have careers. The thought of becoming a writer, seemed to be a radical career change from my parents’ point of view. However, it sparked a turning point for me to start going after what I want to do in life. At a very young age I remember my father once said to my brother-in-law, “I don’t want my son to suffer through the hardships of life like how we had to go through”. Looking back now I understand the meaning of him saying he wanted a better life for me, but when I started high school my mind was in a much different place. At that time, all I wanted was to just blow off school and didn’t care about my grades slipping. Since my three older sisters didn’t graduate high school, my parents we’re especially tough on me trying to achieve the recognition of a high school graduate. Towards the middle part of my senior year I realized I had to clean up my act,…

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