Essay on My Life Is Not A Coaster

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Life is such a rollercoaster. There are waves of laughter, difficulties, and excitement, but that’s just the joy of it. I, living in this world, it’s been a journey. To place things into only single word, resilient would be the ideal fit. It may not seem as though I experienced a lot due to being that individual who would be smiling and laughing, yet, believe me, I have. I can’t just be dwelling on the past, there are many beautiful moments waiting to happen. I can 't simply be choosing not to move on, there are numerous excellent minutes holding up to happen. Those hardships that I experienced constructed me.
Growing up, the idea of a dad didn’t really exist. I was one of those children. However, I didn 't generally consider it to be an issue since I had my grandparents and my mother. My grandparents dealt with me, while my mother needed to sacrifice in another country to support me. So, basically, my mom was a single mom. She had to suffer for my good being. Imagine being separated with your loved ones, well that’s that what my mom had to go through. I can’t even envision being separated from my mom for a week and she managed to do so, for a long time. But life wasn’t that great at that time. My mother and I would get a few gazes from our neighborhood. They would be continually tattling about us. It got people thinking the worse possible things about my mother. In those days, I was really confused on what she does. However, that didn’t stop me from loving my mom. I knew…

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