My Life As A Teenager Essay

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The time of a teenager is one of the most cherished times of a person’s life. In this time a boy or a girl learns about the ways of living in this world. They learn the harsh and the sweet realities of this world we live in. However, my life as a teenager can be summed as learning the harsh realities of this world only. The sweet times I was supposed to experience as a teenager did came, but for a very short span of time. It seemed all beautiful in the start with my family and friends besides me, but soon I was struggling to even keep a smile on my face.
When I was 13, I did not have anything to worry about. My father never let me down. I got whatever I wanted, went where ever I wanted, did whatever I wanted. Thus, life was beautiful. But it did not take much time for everything to change. In a year or so my father went abroad for a job to have a better pay, so that his family could have a better standard of living. I was sad. At first I had no idea what was happening, but soon everything changed. My life flipped. My mom got over protective, and I was not allowed to go out anymore. I understand she was afraid as we were living in a place where kidnappings and accidents were common cause for deaths of many people. I could only play with my friends in the school, and it was fun. But soon school did not remain fun as much as I thought. I used to get sad when my father was not there to pick me up when the school time ended. My friends suddenly started to ask me that where did he…

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