My Life As A New Year Essay

1200 Words Sep 27th, 2015 null Page
Growing up, getting older, the start of a new year, it is exciting and scary at the same time because you do not know what to expect, but you are excited because you know it is a fresh start. August of 2009 I was starting my seventh grade year and I felt excited but scared because I knew that my classes were going to get harder. The fact that I was growing up also scared me because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I was excited because I had one more year left till I was out of middle school. I grew up in small town, Belle Chasse, my entire life, so I pretty much knew everyone in my grade. I knew them well enough to not to associate with many of them. Mostly because people aggravated me if you were not relatable to me. It was hard to find someone that shared similar interests as I did, such as, going outside, listening to music, and eating a lot. That year I got lucky and I met my best friend, Ashley Miller, and till this day we still are. I met her on the bus, on the first day of school because she lived two streets away from me. Ashley had recently moved from Avondale and was going into sixth grade. Since then we would hang out every day in my front yard. Ashley introduced me to cheerleading, when she mentioned cheerleading I had never heard of it before, and I did not know what she was talking about. She showed me everything she knew and we would practice every time we hung out. I can remember her teaching me dances, cheers, chants, jumps, and how to…

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