My Life As A Musician Essay

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Personal Statement

Nanao Yamada Growing up, I never had a doubt in my mind of a life as a musician. I started to learn the violin at the age of 9, and ever since then, with the support of my mother, I have always thought I was going to be a musician. And I have seen many children like myself around me that thought the same, and lived a similar lifestyle. However, it was not until 2009 when I moved back to Japan with my mother and started to study with Chihiro Kudo, that I saw another option in my life. I loved my lessons with him, thought he was the teacher I needed then to grow, and to improve. But in 2010, he passed away with cancer. Until then, I did not have anyone close to me pass away. After such a tragic loss, I could not pick up the violin again. I decided to live a life without music. From there, I graduated high school, applied to colleges with the intent of becoming a psychologist. I enrolled in a state university in Oregon, only to soon realize how much I missed music. I withdrew from that university, started working at a music studio close to home. From there, I began studying music at a local university, reconnecting to the lifestyle that I very much missed. With the help of my teachers and friends, I decided to transfer to a conservatory, for more improvement and challenge. The transfer process was not easy, and made me realize how much of a fool I had been to think that these conservatories would accept me. Without a very successful outcome, the one…

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