Essay on My Life As A Better Person

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Over the course of one’s lifetime, One typically transforms throughout the years as they are presented with new life situations and new varieties of people that help shape them into a better person. Throughout my 18 years of life, I have without a doubt changed for the better, and I am still transforming daily. It all started whenever I was in kindergarten, developmentally being a year or two behind the other kids because of my late birthday, I had to work harder to comprehend things due to the fast rate at which they were being taught such as the alphabet, basic math, and just about any other thing a normal child learns in elementary school. At the end of my kindergarten year, my teacher at the time proposed the idea of holding me back, and my mom was outraged because someone was telling her that her child wasn’t as good as the others just because I learned at my own pace, so on that same night, she sat me down and told me that she believed in me enough to turn down the offer. Year after year, my mom pushed me and never once let me give up; the child that had been told that she would not succeed by that kindergarten teacher had made it to high school.

Throughout high school, I encountered some difficult times. Although my grades were okay, my freshman year; I fell into the wrong crowd, and as a result, my grades began to fall, I was making bad choices, and I had the mentality that I really didn’t care about anything. I began to turn away the people that cared…

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