My Life And Francis 's Life Essay

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Throughout Francis’s life, he had many struggles and achievements. He had many issues in trying to find out whom he was and what he was going to do with his life. He tried to make is parents proud of him but didn’t succeed. He also tried doing things that men did in his culture but didn’t succeed either. He went through many different events, which lead to the decisions that led him to become the person we call St. Francis today. My life and Francis’s life have a few similarities. We were both trying to figure out what to do in life and find our purpose. We both didn’t want to disappoint our parents because of the choices that we made. Francis tried to follow what everyone usually did during his lifetime and he eventually found his way in society. The first part of his life dealt with the relations with his parents. Francis was born into the Minores society. His parents were Piertro and Pica Bernadone. Piertro was a silk merchant and was always traveling (Egler, September 2015). Francis did not know what he was going to do with his life. His dad had an effective influence on him. He was, moreover, proud of his son, of the noble education he had given him, of his youthful pranks at which he laughed loudest (Vorreux, 2012, pg. 23). At this time Piertro was very proud of his son to the man that he thought he would become. When he was twenty-three years old, Francis was still his father’s son, unconsciously pursuing what his father valued: reputation, status, and wealth…

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