My First Real Interview At High School Essay

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My first real interview was in high school, and it’s also the most unforgettable interview I’ve ever had. My AP language art told me about this summer camp, and how they pay you to be a counselor for the entire summer, so my friends and I decided to apply. The director of the camp called us, and we all put our interview slots for Sunday at different times, so we can all drive to the Camp together. When Sunday finally came, I was nervous. This was the first time I was going to be interview for a job, and I was even more nervous because of the fact that it was a job that I really wanted. I wanted to work with the kids, and be away from home for most of my summer. The drive was about an hour and the whole time I was thinking of answers to possible questions they might asked me, and how I will try to keep eye contact with my interviewers. My friends did not seem so worried because they were chatting the entire car ride, which made me even more nervous. My thoughts were all over the place, and by the time we reach the Camp site my armpits and hands were sweating. I had to keep drying my hands on my dress like every three minutes because I know I will eventually have to shake the hands of my interviewer.
We entered the building, and no one came to greet us, so we decided to wait in the only waiting room that was available. After ten minutes, this man walks in the room carrying a riffle gun, and my friends and I started screaming. Finally, after we calm down he introduce himself as…

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