My Experience At A Computer Science Internship Essay

1143 Words Aug 3rd, 2016 null Page
This summer I participated in a computer science internship that helped me realize a lot about not only a future job but also a lot about myself. This was my first job that I had to go to on a daily basis for more than just a few hours. Naturally it was shocking because I did not only have a job where I had two work for almost ten hours a day but I also had to deal with teaching children about computers. IDTech is a company around teaching kids about computer programming in a camp environment so it doesn’t seem like school but more fun for the children. Not only did teaching shape me but it also helped my future out greatly. For IDTech, there are many instructors teaching at once. But each instructor is teaching a different class to different age groups as well. Most of IDTech is based around the game MineCraft and how it can help younger kids start the path towards computer science. Teaching for multiple weeks, I taught a couple different classes. I taught a Java class which was teaching them the basics of Java. I had taken the two java classes in college and did not think I had deep knowledge of the subject. But after starting teaching and them asking me questions, I finally realized my knowledge of Java was a lot deeper than I actually realized. Not only did I teach Java but I taught a MineCraft 3D Game Design class. That class entailed several aspects from the basics to more advanced things. The basics included how to plan a story for an adventure map and using a thing…

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