Military Life vs Civilian Life Essay

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Military Life vs. Civilian Life
When we think about the military these days, normally the first thing that comes to mind is war. However, when we think about the civilian world the one thing that stands out is freedom. As a result, in order to maintain that freedom we must have our military go out and fight wars. There are many differences between our military and the civilian life; nonetheless, similarities do exist. A few that will be discussed pertaining to military and civilian life are how soldiers and civilian personnel are accounted for, their different clothing and their rank structure.
In the military, specifically the Navy, personnel are accounted by a process called mustering. At exactly seven o’clock in the morning; you
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The maximum amount of time is 15 days and may be taken twice a year. May seem like a lot, but keep in mind many servicemen and women deploy anywhere from 12 to 18 months at a time.
For many civilians life is different to that of a military life. Civilian employees are accounted for by clocking in, whether it is electronically or utilizing a time card. In the civilian side you would most likely receive a warning for being late and depending on how many times you have been absent would determine your termination of employment. Thus, consequences for being late and being absent are far different to those experienced by the military.
There are also differences and similarities with the use of uniforms in the civilian world. A similarity which exists now is one where many jobs do require their employees to wear a uniform during working hours. Most of the time employers will provide you with the uniform, but many times you will have to purchase them. The only difference would be, not having to wear it for long periods of time and on a daily basis as the military does.
Like the military many civilian companies have a rank structure. This rank structure allows companies to run smoothly and maintain great organization. Many companies that don’t have it adopt it to become better organizations. Only difference that exists is the punishment received for disobeying the rank structure is far less what a military member would

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