Mila 18 Essay

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It was a time of crisis, a time of tragedy and a time of courage and of undying love. The story of Mila 18 is set in German occupied Warsaw Poland before and during the German occupation of World War 2. Leon Uris's book is based upon the systematic humiliation and destruction of the Jewish population in Poland. Although the book is a fiction novel the story is based upon real historical facts and accounts from journals and survivors of the time period. The story is given a lot of depth by being told from a variety of points of view such as the German brainwashed pride, to the foreign journalist and the young Jewish boy to the Highest ranking Jewish military officer in the Polish army. Mila 18 started out as just a assignment to me that I …show more content…
Through a system of bribes and a bit of luck the main characters are able to open an orphanage to help the children with no where to go. The food provided was mainly smuggled into the ghetto and paid for by either the polish Zloty or smuggled American dollars. As the years go on the main characters have to work increasingly harder to comfort, feed, cloth, and even hide the children from the Nazis. In one particular chapter most of the children are taken in the liquidation of the ghetto and board a train for a death camp. The woman knowing of the fate that awaits them at the end of the train, tell the children that they are going on a picnic in the country and keep them happy. The woman who chose to accompany the children to the camp start to hand out chocolates that had been poisoned. This whole time the woman remained strong and for the children's sake kept them from dying in a Nazi death all while being able to fake a smile and not despair for their own death. The main characters throughout the whole story show amazing strength that few would image was possible and that strength was always there to help somebody else. "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear." (Ambrose Redmoon) One of the main characters Andrei throughout the entire story shows courage from the start. Weather it be leading Calvary charges against the onslaught of German tanks

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