Middle Age Stage Of Life Essay

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Middle Age Family Relationships
In the adult middle age stage of life, according to Erikson everyone is seeking to connect with other people whether it be through friends, acquaintances, marriage or family (Berger, 2013). Erikson called this stage intimacy versus isolation. However, intimacy is needed for support, encouragement, socialization and protection. Thus, the various family relationships found in middle age can provide some of that need for intimacy. Therefore, these family relationships can be between adult children and their parents, sibling to sibling, other relatives such as aunts, uncles, cousins or grandparents.
Establishing good family relationships in the early years of marriage and parenthood carries over into the later years in family relationships (Smith, 2015). Therefore, having strong positive relationship with children from earlier stages in development can have a huge impact on the on the parent to child, sibling to sibling or friend’s relationships. For instance, a children that grow up in a home in a dysfunctional family environment would usually isolate themselves from their family later on in their adult life.
On the contrary, some family relationships can be detached and disharmonious, which can sometimes lead to separation or isolation of intimacy in family relationships. “However some adults stay distant from their blood relatives because they find them toxic. Such adults may become fictive kin in another family. They are not technically…

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