Essay on Mary Shelley 's Life And Life

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Author Mary Shelley was born in London, England on August 30, 1797. Her father was a philosopher and her mother (who shortly died after Shelley’s birth) a feminist. She had several brothers and sisters growing up. She would often read and write in her free time, showing a true passion for literature early on in life. Shelley went on to date and marry poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. Tragedy struck when her half-sister committed suicide shortly before Shelley’s marriage to Percy. With the tragedy counting when Percy drowned six years into marriage. Shelley ended up a widowed, single mother of the only child that lived from her marriage with Percy at the young age of 24. During her life Shelley went on to write many novels before her death of brain cancer in 1851.

Shelly lived in the Romantic Era, while women were still seen as second class citizens. Her mother though was a devote feminist but died four weeks after Shelley’s birth. Her father promised Shelley an education by having her around many writers growing up. These writers, such as Samuel Tyler Coleridge, helped to influence her writings and mind. Her life was sadly filled with tragedy though as well which also influenced her writings. One tragedy being her sister Fanny’s suicide in 1816. Shelley also lost several children with Percy Shelly before and after their marriage. She moved around and visited places such as Scotland and Switzerland in her lifetime. All of these things influenced how she wrote throughout her…

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