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Mars is Heaven!

Plot: A group of space explorers are on a voyage to Mars from Earth. As they land they are bewildered to see that the planet looks just like earth 30 years in the past. Cautiously, the captain of the ship takes two men to explore, while the rest of the crew stays behind. Things only get more bizarre from here as one of the crew members discovers his grandparents live there, and they have been dead for years! Similar cases for the rest of the crew as they all break up and spend time with their respective families. However it is too good to be true when they lost family members turn out to be aliens, and kill the entire crew then destroy the shuttle.

Theme: There are multiple themes to this short story, and you
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It wasn't until Black convinces himself that these aren't relatives but rather would be violent aliens and his "brother" takes his life that we reach our climax. A great slow burn leading up to it, that really picked up pace.

And of course falling action was next. As we have the funeral, complete with the brass band and the strange mourning aliens, which I saw as a bit odd. The faces of these beings start to morph now as they finish the funeral for the entire crew, destroy the ship, and we have finished our story.

Science and Technology: There were plenty of both elements in this story. They talked about the weaponry of the astronauts, which seemed very advanced. Apparently the aliens had some sort of mind control, or mind reading ability which is a made up science really. And of course the shuttle of the crew which was also very advanced and again equipped with weapons.

Scope: The scope here can also be argued in several different directions. The weaponry of the crew should be imagined technology based on actual science, because the weapons were atomic in nature, but we don't currently have atomic weapons from rifles or cannons or such. Technically you could argue the rest of the list as well, but I feel strongly for the effect of imagined science, talking about mind control, mind reading, and hypnosis. Though these things exist, it's not nearly on the levels that take place in the story, and it's

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