Mars and Ferrero Key Success Factors in Terms of Internationalising

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Internationalization has been viewed as a process of increasing involvement of organizations in international markets (Welch & Luostarinen 1988). It is also defined as developing networks of business relationships in other countries through Network-based perspective (Johnson & Turner 2010). It occurs when a firm expands its operations in another country, by acquiring the property of the assets that are abroad, penetrating to market by developing market positioning and resource commitments and lastly integrating into the local market.
Globalization shares some common characteristic as Internationalization. It is the ‘integration of technology, markets, politics, culture, labor and commerce on a global scale. It can be seen
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They focus on company as whole, with a Five Principles policy guiding Mars as one. This Five Principles includes - Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom.
The company is dedicated to deliver highest quality to their product and work, all staffs are to be responsible towards their duty and job for results, to take initiative and judgment and make decisions as required, and accountable for their standards. Mars also believe in mutual benefit shared with all colleagues, achieving efficiency by not wasting any resources or material, the ability to organize and maximize all the assets for maximum productivity and lastly freedom. Being one of the world’s largest family-owned corporations, in order to grow, funds are required, and as such mars sold stocks to fuel their business, they exchanged a portion of freedom to achieve growth and prosperity.
Mars success factors are build form within the company, strengthening and growing as one. They ensure that their products are delivered at its finest, organization growing with sufficient funding, and all employees understand their responsibility and building a sense of belonging towards the company.
Both companies adopt different factors towards their success. Ferrero creates a branding that people will remember their product when they think of something, such as for a gift, a snack or for pleasure, giving consumer a sense of

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