Life Essay

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The Veldt talks about a mother and father in a cutting edge society start to stress over their youngsters' mental wellbeing when the three-dimensional nursery they purchased for them starts anticipating a veldt in Africa populated by eager lions devouring a set of remains. The youngster specialist they procured recommends that the family is consistently indulged by the computerized house they've been existing in and ought to close it off and be more independent. The youngsters at first have a fit over the possibility of not having the mechanized house do everything for them, however soon coolly consent to it. At the point when the folks go to search for the children, the folks are secured the nursery and understand that the cadavers in the …show more content…
The Highway is a story about a spouse and wife living by a thruway in rustic Mexico continue living their typical, unspoiled lives as the interstate loads with individuals escaping an atomic war. The story closes with some youthful voyagers they help letting them know about the atomic war, and how the world is consummation. After the voyagers leave, the spouse ponders what they implied by "the world," before coming back to his role as typical. The Man talks about gathering of space pioneers arrive on a planet to discover the populace living in a solid condition of delight. Upon examination, they find that a confounding guest came to them. Further portrayal leads the two spacemen to accept that this man is Jesus. One chooses to use whatever remains of his days on the celebrating in the wake of the man's superbness. Alternate proceeds in his spaceship, "pursuing "him" generally a venture behind, never sufficiently quick to get

up to speed to him, always attempting to accomplish the unachievable." Other parts of the team choose to stay on the planet to gain from the mollified residents, and are compensated by the disclosure that "he" is still on the planet. The Long Rain is about a gathering of space travelers are stranded on Venus, where it rains consistently and vigorously. The explorers go over the Venusian scene to discover a "sun

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