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Sketches It is with a great feeling of excitement and slight in fear the time I begin writing the history of my life. Think I would give a little hesitation if I were to lift the veils that clings about my childhood like a golden mist. Uncovering facts that tells people who I really am; showing them the fantasies I painted and the world I picture when I was still making discoveries and asking questions about what is. Still figuring how machine works, how hair remains to be uncountable, and how I even ask questions with how. And when I try to classify my earliest impressions, I find that fact and fancy look alike across the years that may had link the past with the present. Therefore, not to be tedious, I shall present in a series of …show more content…
Bagnes) to Buhaynasapa Elementary School when I was going to take the adventure in the world of grade three. I think one of the reasons is that my mother, Melba, is a teacher in Buhaynasapa National High School and that this school is just a feet away from the elementary school. The move was a success. I make friends and I make name for myself. I competed in several co-corricular activities and school projects. I participated in dances, sports, and such. And I remember, when I was in grade six, I was elected as the Mayor of our school. I don’t know but I felt very proud of myself at the time. And so, as time passes by, there we were, me and my sister, making new friends and finishing elementary where we both graduated as salutatorian. They say that highschool is the happiest moment a student is ever going to feel. I didn’t believe them then. But when I graduated, I found out that I was wrong, it is the happiest moment a student is ever going to feel. Something was in my body, my head, my soul; the first time I ever felt this great and excited before. I started to like stuffs and the like. I found out that I like the color red and black. And up to now, I tell you, I even like the color pink. I found out that I like rap songs, a little on opm’s, and zero on love songs. I found out that I like war movies, where blood and death are always involved. I found out that the world are sometimes selfish and sometimes not. I

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