Life Essay

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The Making

Where are you from?
-Born in South Carolina
-Lived along east coast, Sacramento, Phoenix, NM, TX and CO.

What things do you remember about your childhood?
-Last time seeing my father
-Sunday Family dinners and get together
-Growing up fast and mother kicking me out of the house at 17
-Surgeries and being sick a lot

What were my education experience?
-K through 11th grade in High School in South Carolina
-Moved to Delaware to finish school
-Moved to New Mexico for College at NMSU
-Joined Army and continued online education with UMUC and Ashford University

Who were important people in your life?
-My uncle who pasted away with cancer
-My grandparents and mother
-My younger sister
-My best friend who
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I have grown into the woman I am today because of my past and I would not change it, for anything. I was born in December of 1983 in Anderson, South Carolina. My mother named me after a robin bird that landed on her hospital room window. At birth, I had a rare liver disease and had to undergo emergency surgery. The doctors called me a miracle baby because of the high death rate percentage. During most of my life, I stayed in South Carolina. I went through 11th grade and then moved to Delaware. I transferred high schools, found a job, got a car and my own apartment. After September 11, 2001 happened, I ended up moving closer to home. I lived in Georgia, Sacramento and Phoenix until I got accepted to NMSU. I then moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico. I completed two full years at NMSU and had a job as a correctional officer. In 2007, my mother got sick and I moved back to South Carolina. I had to provide for my mother and when she started to get better, I decided to join the Army. I enlisted in 2009 and am currently stationed in Fort Carson, Colorado. I am not happy where I am in my career right now, that is why I am continuing my education with Ashford University.
As I was growing up, I do not remember much from my childhood. I believe it is because I was forced to grow up fast. I remember the last time saw my father. It was my when I was eight years old. He came to my mother's house with a teddy bear. He said he was sorry for leaving me and my mom. He told

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