Life Will Stay Together Forever Essay

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Not everyone in life will stay together forever. Sometimes relationships end for the better and we just have to deal with the reprecussions that follow as best as we can. After my parents got divorced, my mother and I were pretty much on our own. Money was always tight for us, yet we always seemed to manage to pull through one way or another. Fortunately, my mom was receiving child support from my father after the divorce, but not all parents can say that after a separation. There are many effects on children that come from a divorce and a select few of them include: major moving/family adjustments, being caught in the middle, and even relationship issues.
One way a kid can be affected by when their parents get divorced is the adjustment to moving around and possibly meeting a new family. Going on vacation away from home is always fun for a kid. However, when a child is forced to move to a new house or even change to a new school, the excitement of traveling seems to diminish a bit. Not only will the child live with one parent, but depending on the custody, he/she may end up having 2 homes to go back and forth to. Another major adjustment that can cause some strain on a child of divorced parents is when those parents meet someone new or even remarry. Depending on the age, getting a new step-parent (or parental figure) can vary on how it emotionally/mentally impacts the kid(s) going into this situation. Some middle aged to older adolescents will accept the new parent into…

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