Life Sentences For Juveniles : Juveniles Essay examples

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Life Sentences For juveniles.
I am a pro in this situation of teens being charged as adults. Juveniles are being charged as adults now a days more and more cause to the crimes they are committing. Teens are doing these crimes and are not realizing the consequences to these crimes. They have that mindset that if they do something they won’t face serious charges due to their age. There is 1st degree 2nd degree third degree and involuntary manslaughter. I am a pro because I believe that if an adult kills someone same way a juvenile did I believe they both deserve the same punishment. Why is it that a man gets 25 to life after a crime and a 15 year old commits same exact crime and he gets jail time until he’s 21 doesn’t make any sense. They should both deserve the same punishment because no matter what or how that kid still killed that person in the same way any other criminal would nothing is different but the age. Many people talk about how these juveniles do what they do because they never felt love, never had their parents around or felt like they were being picked on too much or maybe even they don’t realize what they do until afterwards. It may be done at the moment as a reaction or anger they can’t control even if they can’t they should still be charged like any other criminal case. A criminal is a criminal they don’t care if you are 12 13 or 15 a crime is a crime to the juries. These juveniles are sentenced based on their crime though at times it all depends on the…

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