Life Of The Party By Shawn Mendes Essay

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Music itself is a language. This language is used everywhere and we relate it to everything. For an individual, one language might speak louder then another. The song “Life of the Party” by Shawn Mendes speaks a language that I can relate too. Released in July of 2014, the song was featured on the Shawn Mendes EP and Handwritten album. “Life of the Party” is a song that has an impact on me and has and will have a cultural and historical significance. This song, which is one of my favourites, drew me in because of its underlying message and melody. I first heard the song a few days after its debut, as it was shared on Twitter. While I listen to this song I feel a sense of serenity. This song appeals to a younger audience. Mendes, being younger himself, sings on an issue that effects the audience of average teenagers. Personally for me this song was, and still is, an absolute favourite for having a relaxing day. The piano ballad is a relaxing and slower tempo allows it to be a great song for reclined day. The overall message of the song is being able to love yourself, just the way you are. The song deals with someone feeling different and uncomfortable with themselves. Being close to the same age as Mendes, it related to the troubles that I, and every other teenager, go through in their life. The empowering song teaches to be and love yourself, no matter who sees. I connect to the song because I have went through a stage in my life in which I wanted to be like everyone…

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