Essay about Life Of Pi By Yann Martel

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Some may say that a sunflower is simply a sunflower. Some may say that a black t-shirt worn by the boy in class is simply just a plain black t-shirt, yet there is so much more to these items than there seems. The sunflower can be the essence of life, representing longevity and the importance of happiness, and the black t-shirt can really represent the feeling of sorrow and being an outcast in the midst of a conformed society. With many items there is more to them than meets the eye; they have multiple meanings or interpretations to them. Throughout the book Life of Pi there is a multitude of items that can be interpreted for much more than what is simply written in the book. In Life of Pi, Yann Martel uses symbolism to reveal the consequences of excess, the importance of hope, and naiveté.
Martel uses the algae island and the meerkats to represent an abundance of indulgences; this all shifts when the island turns out to be man-eating, now representing death. Martel ultimately states that too much pleasure turns out to be devastating to individuals. For example, the meerkats all begin to go into the water, “Meerkats were jumping up and down in a state of great ferment. Suddenly, by the hundreds, they began diving into the pond. There was much pushing and shoving as the meerkats behind vied to reach the pond’s edge. The frenzy was collective, even tiny meerkittens were making for the water, barely being held back by mothers and guardians”(Martel 359). The Meerkats are…

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