Life Of Pi By Yann Martel Essay

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In a hero’s journey, there are twelve stages that must be completed.(“Stages of the Hero’s Journey”) In Yann Martel’s novel, “Life of Pi”, the protagonist of the story, Pi, was on a hero’s journey. He completed the twelve stages. Starting with his life in Pondicherry to being stranded in the ocean, Pi never gave up and made it through each stage of the journey. Stage one of a hero’s journey is Ordinary World.(“Stages of the Hero’s Journey”) This stage consists of Pi’s life in Pondicherry. He lives the life of a zookeeper’s son and passionately follows three faiths.(17,87) Pi went through a drastic change in his life, when his parents decided to move to Canada to get away from the government of India. They had to sell all of their zoo animals.(111) At the end of his ordinary world they board the TsimTsum, a cargo ship, and Pi begins the next stage.(114) The second stage of a hero’s journey is The Call to Adventure.(“Stages of the Hero’s Journey”) In this stage, the ship Pi is on, the TsimTsum, sinks. Pi was thrown onto a lifeboat by the Japanese crew men.(121,131) He helped Richard Parker, a 450 pound Bengal tiger, get onto the boat and immediately regretted his decision.(123) Richard Parker was not the only zoo animal on the lifeboat. There was a zebra, hyena, and eventually an orangutang.(139) This was his call to adventure because he was forced to learn how to survive the sea, the tiger, and the wait. The third stage of a hero’s journey is the Refusal of the…

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