Life Of A Living Organism Essay

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Foremost, bio is the life of a living organism, while ethics is the moral principles that govern a person’s or group’s behavior. Collectively, bioethics is the application of ethics required by the expertise of people in a wide range of studies including: medicine, philosophy, law, theology, nursing, life and social sciences, etc. It plays a major role in society that relates to such issues as beginning and end of human life. Bioethics is also concerned with difficult questions raised about human values of the right and wrong advancements in different disciplines. There has been controversial debates on subjects such as abortion, euthanasia, surrogacy, etc. Health care professionals have to put themselves in unpleasant situations where they have to determine life or death predicaments with their patients. So, it’s important that people who are wanting to have a career in the health field that they prepare themselves to know morally right from wrong. Plato, a Greek philosopher, asked an important question: “Is ethics taught, inherited, or passed on by some other mechanism?” Some people believe that ethics is learned by observation that nature is more influential than nurture. Nature is where knowledge is build up from social interactions and environmental factors, whereas nurture is the caring for and encouraging the growth or development of something or someone. For example, a child is acting out at their parent to get them a toy from a department store and another child…

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