Essay on Life Of A Family Run Bakery

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Aubrey Jackson grew up in the suburbs of Chicago where her parents owned a family run bakery. She is an only child and now helps just her father, Bill, run their bakery, since her mother recently passed away. Aubrey grew up helping her parents in the bakery and never left home to attend a culinary school or any other college. Since she was raised working in the bakery, Aubrey knew the ins and outs of the business. She learned all about the recipes, kitchen appliances and customer service from her mother. Her father was responsible for mainly the business aspects, including payroll, management of the employees, and the ordering of supplies for the bakery.
Aubrey now works for her father as an employee and she is extremely close with the other workers. Shortly after Aubrey’s twenty-fifth birthday, she was devastated to find out that her father was diagnosed with lung cancer. Because of continuous medical appointments, Bill decided to retire from the bakery and pass on all responsibility to his daughter. With mixed emotions, Aubrey chose to step up and take over her parents’ business and planned to run the bakery using the skills she had learned from them.
Aubrey possesses the trait of intelligence. Intelligence can be viewed from different perspectives, but can basically be broken down into common sense and book smarts. A manager needs to be able to look at things from different views by using both of those aspects. Being able to look at a situation from different angles is…

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