Life Of A Buddhist Nun Essay examples

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The people of Zangskar who live in the high northern mountains of India are culturally and physically bound to the land. As mentioned throughout studies of monastic life of Buddhists, dedicating yourself to the pursuit of enlightenment does not allow you to neglect this close relationship. However, as Kim Gutschow points out various times, hard labor is very often performed by nuns because they lack the funding necessary to completely dedicate themselves to the monastics (84). It is noted that this is in stark contrast to monks who comparatively have ample resources. Since monks normally dictate a lot of what the nuns can and cannot do, the gap of wealth between nunneries and monasteries is only one of the factors affecting the Buddhist nuns’ activities, as the actual ecology of the Himalayan Kashmir directly affects the Nuns work. While reading the analysis of the life of a Buddhist nun in northern India, a clear main point is reiterated throughout the ethnography. That is, almost every aspect of nun life is restricted because of their womanhood and therefore monks exercise excessive control over nuns (). Encompassed in this is limiting the ordination of nuns, so that laypeople are more inclined to call upon monks for rituals than nuns (83). This leads to an inequality gap of wealth between nuns and monks, and ultimately poverty for the former. It forces nuns to participate in labor such as collecting dung for fuel, and working their families’ fields. Furthermore, a…

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