Essay Life Is Not A Program

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Each morning we wake up to a future that is about to happen but yet is out of reach by default, unpredictable by nature. Are we ever ready for what’s ahead? We try to keep up but are clumsy at best in being present with all that comes our way.
A while back we buried a friend. He had been sick, but his death came sooner than expected. We were barely able to keep up with the harsh pace of his illness and still struggle with his passing. Around the same time, I found a little kitten on the street, not even two weeks old, thrown away with the garbage. A carefully planned day turned chaotic the moment I picked him up.
Life is not a program we can schedule for. We cannot will away events once they have happened. But we can choose how we respond. We can walk away, close our eyes, or accept them at face value, without getting caught up in feelings and judgment. We can see them as transitional moments, an interlude between what was and what will be.
We can also adopt an attitude of readiness. Approach life with curiosity and open eyes, willing to embrace all that life brings, not just the parts that suit our agenda.
For me, the following ‘practices’ are helpful in this regard.
Know who I am. Beneath the playing field of my life lies the truth of my life. Reality is nothing more, or less, than a momentary reflection. My core is my foundation, always there for me, even during the most challenging of times. From this place, I can respond to anything in a way that’s aligned with who I…

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