Life Is Never Easy For Anyone Essays

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Life Ain’t Always Easy
(A discussion of the physical and social struggles Phoenix Jackson faces) Life is never easy for anyone. As humans, we face constant trials and tribulations whether that be physically, financially, emotionally, or even mentally. One author in particular, Eudora Welty, uses the theme of tribulation in her stories and ends with some sort of optimism. In Veronica Makowsky’s biography of Eudora Welty’s life titled Welty, Eudora 1909—published in 1998 in New York, she explains the root of Welt’s writing in one sentence. Makowsky claims, “As her views of the human capacity for imaginative and compassionate growth indicate, Welty’s attitude toward experience is ultimately optimistic and comic” (Makowsky). One prime example of that sentiment is titled, A Worn Path published in 1940. Welty capitalizes on the fact that life is a constant struggle. She has a meaning behind her fiction though a meaning greater than the tribulations of a single person. Neil Isaacs best describes this with an equation His article titled Lie for Phoenix published in 1998 in Detroit is all about the life and greater meaning behind Eudora’s story. Isaacs conclude, “Whether the mythical journey of the sun across the heavens or a boy 's trip down the Mississippi or any other variation, is its implicit equation with life: the road of life, life 's journey, ups and downs, the straight and narrow, and a host of other clichés reflect the universality of this primitive metaphor in A Worn…

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