Essay on Life Is An Overall Learning Experience

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Katherene Holmes
“Living my life to fullest and cherishing this time I have left on this earth by doing things that bring me happiness!”

Since I have been on this earth, I have witnessed and experienced a lot of things in life. I have witnessed things such as abuse, and violence. I have also experienced things such as death, abandonment, fear, betrayal, and love. Life is an overall learning experience. On a daily basis, I constantly live and learn. Everyone has trials and tribulations in life; however; it is all about how he or she lets them affect their lives.
Before my life began, my mother was in a relationship with my brother’s father for eight years. My mom and brother were victims of domestic violence at the hand of my brother’s father. Around that time, my mother became pregnant with another child by brother’s father. Due to an unhealthy environment, she decided not to bring the child into the world. After the abortion, they were only together for one month. She finally left him and moved in with my grandma.
My mother utilized living with my grandma as a way to free herself from the abuse. Living with my grandma benefited her and my brother. After four months of living with grandma, my mom became pregnant with me; however, it was not by brother’s father. She met my father when he used to tutor her brother in math. My father studied the bible and assisted my mom with her spiritual growth and healing. This caused my parents to get really close. If my…

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