Life in Pakistan Essay

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Where Do I Live and How?

Coming from one country and adjusting to another where everything is different, was difficult for me. Until this year, I have lived all my life in Pakistan. There are many differences between these two countries like the lifestyle, culture, religion and others. The main difference I have found is the lifestyle. This huge difference in the lifestyle of the United States has made it quite difficult for me to adjust. In exploring how life in Pakistan differs from the U.S, I have drawn parallels from this transition to that of the wilderness and saying that every time I made a change in my life I am thrown into the wilderness. When I was young, I lived in a very small house in which there
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They are usually busy or ignorant. On the other hand, I have spent many days in wilderness just to relax by living in small cottages in the northern areas where one has to work hard in term of buying things, protection from animals and cold, no electronic items to help you do things on daily basis etc. Living in wilderness was always fun for me because my father taught me different things and took me to beautiful places around the world so that I can see and enjoy and learn different things in my life. This will help me in times like when I am in a bad situation. I also consider parts of Pakistan as wilderness because of no electricity or gas. Living in wilderness taught me how to make things when you do not have anything and how I had to work hard just to survive in that place. This taught me essential skills that will help me in the future. As Mc Kibben talks about the life in his introduction that how we are bombarded with information and we need time to see a different aspect of life like the wilderness. Compared to living in U.S has its own fun and some good things which make this country a beautiful place. Laws, rules and regulation makes sure that the parks and scenery remain beautiful and the crime rate in the country remains low and stays that way so that people can enjoy coming and living. After coming to the

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