Life in North Vietnam Essay

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10 April 2014
Life In North Vietnam
Life in North Vietnam, during the Vietnam War, changed drastically after the Geneva Accords were signed and Vietnam split into two parts. Ho Chi Minh became President of North Vietnam after he fought and removed French power from Vietnam. During Minh’s reign, he turned Vietnam into a Communist dictatorship and fought the American-controlled South Vietnam. Religion changed to become a way to fight the dictatorship rather than a way to achieve enlightenment. Labor Camps were started and rebels were thrown in to work. Life degraded into slums and has not been much better since Vietnam has been getting aid from Russia.
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Maddox, which sparked major conflict with the U.S. and North Vietnam. The split of North and South Vietnam and their power struggle turned life for Vietnamese citizens into a constant state of fear. The government was not well controlled, and no one side of the war seemed to be winning; Vietnam exploded into a warzone.
After the split between North and South Vietnam, Communism finally had its control and changed things dramatically. Even though life in South Vietnam was settled and getting on its feet, North Vietnam was going through hardship and totalitarianism. Unlike in America where you have rights as a citizen, including the freedom of speech, it was unacceptable in North Vietnam to voice your opinion. Anyone that opposed their legislation would be punished in unfathomable ways. The opinions of the people had no importance and lead to punishment if expressed out loud. The worst punishment that could be bestowed upon the citizens was shipment to one of their labor camps. Labor camps were a place for delinquents and opposers to be punished. “In North Vietnam during the 1950s, political opposition groups were suppressed; those publicly opposing the government were imprisoned in hard labor camps.” (“In North Vietnam”). These camps were called ‘re-education camps’ by some prisoners because when you acted out of line it was unacceptable in their eyes and needed to be corrected. “Prisoners were abused and beaten atop of

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