Life Has Stress And Stressors Essay

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Life has stress and stressors. It’s a fact of life, but it’s more important to know and to understand that stress isn’t inherently bad. Jesus said, “In this world ye shall have tribulation.” The word tribulation comes from the Greek word thlipsis which means “a pressing, pressure”. HELPS Word-studies goes further into defining thlipsis as ‘properly, pressure (what constricts or rubs together), used of a narrow place that "hems someone in"; tribulation, especially internal pressure that causes someone to feel confined (restricted, "without options").’ Eight different words are used in the KJV to translate this Greek word and they are: tribulation, anguish, burdened, narrow, persecution, throng, trouble, and affliction. Stress can be either short-lived, such as being stuck in traffic, or long-term as in experiencing the death of a loved-one, going through a divorce or suffering with a chronic health condition. The good news is the Bible is filled with answers about identifying stressors and dealing with the stress. Think about the author of the Bible! He was born to die on a cross! Jesus knew and understood the kind of suffering that He had to face before allowing Himself to die on an old-rugged cross. He handled the stress and the stressors of His life extraordinary appropriately and so can we. We can learn from Jesus. That’s why God gave us His Word. Jesus finished his quote by saying, “but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” That word “but” is…

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