Essay about Life Event And Agent Of Socialization

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Life Event and Agent of Socialization People experience many things throughout their lives that can change or influence them in both positive and negative ways. Many agents affect the way we behave, think, and act in social settings whether we know it or not. Much like events experienced in life, agents can have a positive and negative impact on our day-to-day living. This discussion paper will cover an event that I have personally experienced that has affected my development in some way. I will also be discussing an agent of socialization that has had an affect on me in one way or another. Much of my adult life has been spent serving in the military and I can say, without a doubt, that the military has been one of the most impactful agents of socialization. Much of what I have learned has been influenced by military service thus far in life, and many of the events that have development me in some way or another have been the result of military service. I have experienced many major life events in my time as a Marine, but there is one event that has had a lasting effect on my development, one that happened on my first deployment to Iraq. I can remember having a feeling of invincibility and excitement, a common thought among young men serving in the military. There is a feeling of power that occurs when you are given a rifle and expected to behave in an aggressive manner. The feeling of power only strengthens the thought of invisibility and excitement. My life changing…

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