Life During The Roaring Twenties Essay examples

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Life in the Roaring Twenties was not only the peak of an artistic and social movement, it was a time, even after fighting in World War I, that Americans had exceptionally well financial stability. People were going throughout the decade buying stock from the Stock Market and buying luxury items for the enjoyment of themselves and their family. The luxury life suddenly came to a screeching halt when the Stock Market crashed in late 1929, sparking a depression. Roosevelt put several acts into place, all a part of his New Deal plans to help bring the country out of the depression. Urban dwellers, those who resided and were employed near urban areas, were affected most by the events of the 1920s and 1930s as they transitioned from a luxurious working lifestyle, to a long excruciating period of unemployment, to the transition of dwellers into the military style of living. Life in the early to mid-1920s seemed to be a time of a happy life of working. Life in the Roaring Twenties was an artistically advanced decade. More men and women were out in the workforce than ever before. “On the other hand, most workers saw their standard of living rise during the decade… Henry Ford, for example, shortened the work week, raised wages, and instituted paid vacations” (Text, 534). With the rising standard of living, employers could allow more benefits for the employee and their families. Families could afford to go on vacations and could spend a night out on the town, so to speak, taking their…

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