Life Changes Based On Circumstances Essay

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Life Changes Based On Circumstances Different phases in life can affect people in different ways; it is the circumstances faced that can partly shape people into who they become based on certain changes of in life. Even if where you live stays the same, people grow and change into different people based on certain challenges, even if they do not notice the adjustment right away. In Into The Forest, by Jean Hegland, many things change in Nell and Eva’s, life but even through the hardships, they continue to believe that, in time things will return to normal. A constant modification in life makes people realize the things they miss most once they are gone. Life is not always the same from year to year. Like Nell and Eva’s continuously changing in the near past, with their mother and father’s death, my grandfather has also passed away and the holidays and daily life have changed since. Similar to their experience, our family had to gather and make the most of our experiences, even if they may not be the best. Like Nell and Eva thought of the holidays with their dad, we also think of the jokes my grandpa would have told and how things would go if he were still around. Many people do not think of life beyond what is happening right now. Death however, makes one slow down and realize what surrounds them for better or worse and it brings, one back to reality to actually see what is important and what is not. Do not take situations for granted. Like Nell and Eva, I also…

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