Life As A Slave Was Never An Easy Life Essay

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Life as a slave was never an easy life. Before they knew it, they were being captured, transported, sold, and forced to work until the day they died. The arrival of ships into Africa was new to some of the Africans. For the slave traders, seeing the ships meant more money in their pockets. From the point the slaves were captured, put onto the ship, and transported to a different location, they were to be treated as prisoners or goods rather than human beings. The voyage on the slave ships from Africa to the Western world was an extensive, horrendous, and deadly trip that millions of people were forced upon.

The slave ships were considered to be a prison as well as a factory for those aboard it. “It was also a factory and a prison, and in this combination lay its genius and it’s horror.” The ships were seen as a prison because those that failed to pay their taxes or dues were imprisoned, from there the captain of the ship would pay their bail in return for labor on their ships. It was a trade of prison on land for prison on a ship. If the sailors thought of it as a prison on deck, imagine how the Africans felt below deck, locked up, for a majority of their days on the ships.

The reason for slave ships being deadly had a large part to do with the sanitation of the inside of the ships. The inside of the ships were grungy, dirty, and not well kept. While the outsides were like a normal ship that was carrying a large amount of passengers on a long voyage…

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