Life And Dreams Are Always Justified ! Essay example

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Life and Dreams are always justified!
Freedom to live their life in the way they want to is the right of every person in this world. The short story “Sweat” by Zora Neale Hurston portrays the typical condition of any women during the time period of Harlem Renaissance. During this time, women were merely considered a property of their husbands. They were oppressed and forced to live their life in the way their husbands tell them to. They had no right to oppose any decisions that their husbands make for them. They had no right to make any choices for themselves like receiving further education, wishing to work, or becoming successful. The typical mentality of people during the time period created an atmosphere where protesting against these harassments was considered a sin. The main character of “Sweat”, Delia Jones, is one of those typical women who suffered through harassment from her husband Sykes. The story depicts how her strong attitude and patience led her to justice when her husband’s trick to scare her backfired on him. Certainly, everyone has to pay off for the deeds they perform. Any kind of oppression is never justified; oppression is always worth fighting.
One of the important parts of standing against the oppression forced on you is to not lose hope and believe in yourself. When nothing else is enough to confront you, a small ray of hope that everything will be alright teaches the meaning of life. Her confidence in herself was the main pillar of strength for…

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